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The high school English faculty at Northside Christian School consists of Department Head Julie Washburn, Lorrie Rysta, and Jonathan Washburn.

Julie teaches Senior English and coordinates the program from the top-down. The seniors study literature from around the world and focus on the perspectives of different authors. Their final research paper is a requirement for graduation and the seniors also write several book reports as well.

Lorrie teaches junior high English as well as the Sophomores and Juniors. The junior highers develop their grammar skills and begin getting comfortable with the writing process. Sophomores and Juniors both read many different books from the book list and finely tune their writing in each class.

Jonathan instructs Freshman English and with a focus on Shakespeare and Dickens. The Freshmen also write a research paper during second semester in order to introduce themselves to the research process.

Listed below are examples of the different types of reports that junior high and high school students may be asked to write.

Report Examples

Book Review

Character Sketch

Diorama Book Report

Informative Book Report

Literary Analysis

Thematic Analysis

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