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Northside Eagles

2017 Schedule

DateOpponentVarsityJVVarsity Result
Aug 22Faculty & Alumni7 pm
Aug 25@ Hampton Park6 pm
Aug 25Sumter (Home)4:30 pm
Aug 26 @ Westgate12 pm
Sep 1Emmanuel (Home)5:30pm
Sep 1Calvary (Home)4 pm
Sep 5@ Step of Faith*5 pm
Sep 8@ Maranatha4 pm
Sep 12@Legacy*4 pm
Sep 15@ Grace*4 pm
Sep 19Faculty & Alumni7 pm
Sep 22@ Calvary4 pm
Sep 22@ Lowcountry Prep4 pm
Sep 26Step of Faith* (Home)4 pm
Oct 3Legacy* (Home)5 pm
Oct 3Lowcountry (Home)4 pm
Oct 6@ BJ Academy6 pm
Oct 10Grace* (Home)4 pm
Oct 13Maranatha (Home)4 pm
Oct 13Lowcountry (Home)5:30 pm
Oct 17Lowcountry (Home)4 pm
Oct 20Playoffs
Oct 27 & 28State Tournament
*Divisional Games

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